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Fully computerised dental surgeries embracing the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are able to bring amazing advantages to the delivery of modern dental care. What are these advantages and how can you enjoy them?

My task as Doctor Dental is to answer these and many other difficult questions in the sometimes-secretive world of dentistry. I myself have more than 40 years experience of general dental practice (see my CV) and detailed knowledge of the very latest research into the computerised manufacturing (CADCAM) of state of the art all-ceramic crowns and bridges and other dental prostheses.

I am a fully qualified dentist who is also a dental technician registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and bound therefore to deliver information and advice that is governed by GDC Professional Standards I am responsible for other linked websites designed to bring you the latest information you need to make a better informed choice when you seek the very best dental treatment. These websites are http://www.practicesearch.com/ where you can find a dentist, http://www.valident.co.uk/ and http://dentsure.co.uk/

On this website you will find comprehensive dental advice in my "Dental Fact Files" on Accidents, Babies & Childrens Teeth, Bad Breath (Halitosis), Bridges, Childrens Drinks, Chipped Teeth (Trauma), Cleaning Your Teeth, Cold Sores (Herpes), Crooked Teeth (Orthodontics), Crowns, Dental Erosion (Acid), Dental Pain Management (Toothache), Dentures & Denture Care, Dry Mouth, Fillings, Fixed Brace, Flossing, Fluoride and Health, Gaps or Spaces, Geographic Tongue, Gingivitis (Gum Disease), Hygienist, Implants, Inlays/Onlays, Lichen Planus, Mouth Cancer, Periodontitis (Advanced Gum Disease), Plaque, Root Canal, Scaling, Sealants (Fissure), Sensitive Teeth, Silver Amalgam Fillings and Health, Stomatitis, Teenagers, Temporo-mandibular joint, Tobacco (Smoking), Tooth Extractions, Tooth Whitening and Bleaching, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Ulcers of the Mouth, Veneers, Wisdom Teeth, Dental A-Z, Dental Links, Careers in Dentistry, Surgery Tour

Top Ten Patient Problems

1 Wisdom Teeth
2 Chipped Teeth
3 Toothache
4 Crooked Teeth [Orthodontics]
5 Ulcers of the Mouth
6 Dentures & Denture Care
7 Periodontitis (Advanced Gum Disease)
8 Acid Erosion (Soft Drinks)
9 Tooth Whitening and Bleaching
10 Veneers

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